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Of the thousands of lakes in Minnesota, none is grander than Lake Superior. It is in fact a sort of diva. It is quite unpredictable, moody and if it throws a tantrum it can swallow whole any boat that tries to venture in its waters. Interestingly, back in 1975 it did just that. A boat that was named Queen of the Lakes. The Lake loves irony. The first ever wreck recorded in the area was in 1816, an it was called the Invincible. As a matter of fact, everything and anything about this lake is huge and brawny. There are volcanoes that formed its shores and the hardened lava holds many waterfalls, with the exception where giant dunes rise like moving mountains.

One of the Lake Superior cabins that is for rent

There are 200 rivers that feed Lake Superior, which gives it enough to cover all of North and South America with at least a foot of water. The lake’s surface area is equivalent to that of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont combined. Each year, thousands of people make the pilgrimage to Lake Superior and book Lake Superior cabins by following the 1,300 miles of shoreline on the Circle Tour. Make sure you have booked a vacation rental in Lake Superior early because your going to have a vacation you’ll never soon forget.

Lake Superior Cabins On the Eastside

The first instance, we went on the Circle Tour we went on a clockwise direction starting in late June, with the culmination of Canada Day in Sault Ste. Marie and the Fourth of July on Madeline Island. The other time, we went on a counterclockwise direction beginning in late July, starting in Superior Wisconsin with a first stop on Bayfield in order to enjoy the Big Top Chautaqua’s musical revue “Keeper of the Light.”

The breathtaking view from a Lake Superior cabinNearby you will appreciate Apostle Islands, which has the country’s biggest concentration of National Park Service lighthouses and no one is more popular and more revered than the lighthouse keeper. At the foot of Chequamegon Bay, you will discover Ashland famous for its bakery, chocolatier and coffeehouse. There are also food co-ops that will sell you craft beers by the bottle.

Copper Harbor

This is located at the end of US 41 and the jumping spot for Isle Royale National Park. The peak season is in July as many tourists come and visit its many shops and cafes. However, few visit this quiet eastern side of the peninsula where there are narrow beaches that line its roads. We then pulled over and enjoyed several hours on Oliver Bay, enjoying the splashing over the shelves of smooth sandstone that lies under its waters. They look like the layers of cinnamon-vanilla swirl cake and was quite crumbly. You will also find ripe blueberries on bushes covering the roadsides. It would be no surprise if you see a bear gobbling a few here and there.



The Rossport Islands are a safer closer-in version of the Apostles. It is quite ideal for beginner and intermediate kayakers. You can paddle all the way to Battle Island, where a retired lighthouse keeper likes to spend his summers. You will be quite surprised at his stories and can even invite you to climb into the 1911 red-and-white tower where you can have an absolutely panoramic view from the catwalk.

Thunder Bay

This area is a great place to eat and rest. Check out Maltese Grocery deli located in the Italian neighborhood and consider booking Lake Superior cabin rentals. You can also enjoy the famous pancakes at Hoito, located in the Finnish area of town. Do visit the historic Fort William, a reconstructed North West Co. fur post where you can enjoy a recreation of life in 1815 complete with vignettes that show the conflicts in the area.

Thunder Bay dotted with Lake Superior cabinsThere is so much to do, so many fun activities and experiences you can have while visiting the lake. It is recommended that you book your vacation rental in Lake Superior early on so you can take your time doing the circle tour and see as much as you can of the lake and its surrounding areas.