Service Company Reviews

Improving Local Service Company Reviews

According to a recent study, more than half or 53% of customers use local service company reviews as their basis for choosing a product or service.  Once a customer sees a product or service they are interested in, chances are they will look for a review to know how it stacks up n terms of value and performance. For local businesses, a favorable review can help establish credibility and reputation resulting in repeat business and new customers.

Opinions in a Flash

Customers can make their opinions faster than ever today due to their immediate access to information. About two-thirds or 68% form an opinion after reading just one to six reviews. Only 10% of customers will go out to look for ten reviews or more before coming to a decision.

Things to Consider (Consumer Side)

The most important factor that affects a customer’s decision when looking at a business is its overall star rating.  Around 58% say they give more credence to this than any other. Star ratings are vital as they often show up in search results and are therefore convenient to glance without having to visit the actual site or reading the review.

This does not mean however that customers are not reading. Customer sentiment of the review is the second most important thing to consider.

Improving Local Business Reviews

Here are several steps to consider in order to keeping your reviews strong and favorable.

  • Always ask customers for a steady stream of recent reviews. Do make sure to abide by the review site’s guidelines to avoid penalties
  • Always monitor your reviews and respond professionally and promptly to any negative ones
  • Aim to get as much positive reviews as you can in order to push down any bad reviews to the bottom
  • Register with review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor or any other sites you deem relevant to your customer base
  • Encourage reviews and provide feedback on social media in order to improve your chances of better rankings in search results